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The Autism Champion program is a grassroots campaign to increase awareness and raise funds to support children with autism.  Autism Champions directly impact the lives of those with autism.  There are so many great activities for you, your class, your company, or your organization.  Raise awareness, raise money for services, help children with autism and have fun doing it!  Put your talents to use, it's easy and fun and POAC is here to help.  Every Autism Champion receives a certificate of appreciation and is recognized in our publications.  If you know, love, or teach someone with autism, chances are you have already been touched by POAC.  Now it's your turn, join us!

Have A Heart for Autism Campaign
This is a fast easy way to raise money and awareness for autism and the services so desperately needed by those affected and their families and teachers.  Simply sell paper hearts (suggested price $1 - $3) and have the purchaser sign their name.  Then tape the hearts up in a designated area.  It's that easy and it's great for schools, retailers, and corporations.  It costs nothing and POAC helps every step of the way.

Dress Down Days
Everyone loves casual Fridays.  Here's your chance to get comfortable for a great cause. This is a great activity for offices and schools.  Everything you need is right on this web site.  Print out the stickers, designate a Dress Down Day, collect the fee and give participants a sticker to show their support.  Send your donations to POAC along with an Event Recap/Donation Form.  

Fund Raising Ideas
There are so many great ways to help raise funds for POAC services and remember that every dollar you raise goes into services for children and adults with autism, their families, and their teachers.  Can't think of anything to do?  Let POAC help with some great ideas.  Take them and run with them, or come up with something all your own.  Whatever you do, just remember to send us an Event Recap/Donation Form so we can share what you did with everyone else in the autism community.  Click here for a list.