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Mercer County
Walk For A Difference
April 28, 2012
Ewing High School
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Middlesex County
Walk for a Difference
April 29, 2012
Matthew Jago School
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Ocean/Monmouth County
Walk For A Difference
May 5, 2012
Lakewood Blueclaws Stadium
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Somerset County
Walk for a Difference

May 19, 2012
Bridgewater Raritan
Middle School
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 Passaic/Bergen County
Walk For A Difference
May 20, 2012
The Stadium at Christopher Columbus Middle School
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Morris County
Walk for a Difference

June 3, 2012
Gardner Field
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Free Training         Free Family Events         Free Support 

POAC receives no government funding for all the work we do for families and teachers of children with autism in New Jersey. Our sole source of funding is through our annual walk-a-thons and private donations.  Your participation is vital in helping us continue to meet the needs of children and adults with autism, their families, and their teachers.  Here are just a few great reasons to start your team today:

The funds you raise stay right here in New Jersey

When you participate in a POAC Walk, the money you raise is used to expand services for children and adults with autism right in the local community.  Invaluable parent and teacher training, as well as great family recreational events, impact thousands where you live.

All of POAC's services and programs are provided FREE of charge

At POAC we realize the costs of services can be prohibitive and many families just don't have the resources to provide all that their children need.  We also realize that many teachers and paraprofessionals attend ongoing training on their own time and provide many of their own classroom materials.  Parents and teachers can turn to POAC for these needs without the concern for spending money many just don't have. 

POAC is constantly evolving and expanding to meet the ever growing needs of our autism community

POAC started out as a small support group of parents and now:

  • POAC is the largest provider of FREE autism training and education in the state, providing training for parents and teachers to help increase functional communication, decrease problem behavior, increase socialization and a host of other topics.

  • POAC is collaborating with hospitals, service providers, and universities to help streamline services and make the most of every dollar raised.

  • POAC provides FREE family recreational activities all year long including: surfing, horseback riding, movies, indoor gym days, bowling and pizza parties, and our Annual FREE Family Picnic/Carnival, one of the biggest autism family events in the country.

POAC provides FREE training for thousand of law enforcement officers and first responders in autism recognition and response.

Always looking to the future and with any eye toward prevention of victimization, POAC pioneered training for police and first responders throughout New Jersey.  To date, thousands have been trained and several children have been found safe as a result of the training.  This training has been expanded to train parents and other caregivers on issues of personal safety, emergency preparedness, and crisis intervention.  POAC has also developed training for school bus drivers on how prevent potential problems and maintain safety for all students who ride school transportation.  Because of the importance of early intervention in helping children with autism reach their fullest potential, POAC has embarked on a new training initiative to train regular education preschool staff in autism recognition, and referral.  This training is particularly well received because it addresses strategies for helping staff to have this difficult conversation with parents. 

POAC Walks are Fun, Easy, Free, and you could earn great prizes

It costs nothing to register for or participate in a POAC Walk-a-thon.  Everyone has access to the walk web sites where you can create your own team and personal pages including pictures and personal stories.  You can email all your friends, relatives, and co-workers right from the site with a few clicks of your mouse.  All donations can be collected right on line.  You could actually run your entire walk campaign right from your own desk or couch!  If you do decide to join us on walk day, you will find rides for the kids, entertainment, refreshments, and more.  The more money you raise, the better prizes you can earn. 

All POAC Walks have great resource fairs

When you come to a POAC walk, you can learn more about services and programs in your area.  Each walk includes a resource fair where vendors from across the state provide information on what they provide and how to access their services.  Every participant offers a free child friendly activity or give away.