POAC Autism Services, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is making a difference today for every individual with autism in our state. Each year we provide hundreds of events for the autism community including: training for parents and educators; recreational and support services to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families; and training for police and first responders which is saving the lives of children/adults with autism throughout the state. POAC funded the first statewide program for the early detection of and intervention for children with autism. We address, support, and promote legislative issues that affect those with autism and their families. Additionally, POAC sits on the NJ Governor’s Council on Autism and together we have supported and directed millions of research dollars. 

The needs of the autism population are growing. New Jersey has the highest rate of autism in the entire country with 1 out of every 35 children born today having autism.

 POAC is dedicated to meeting those needs and is continually expanding to help these children, adults, and their families where they are right now.

To date, thousands of parents, teachers, and other service providers have been trained. Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders in every New Jersey county have been trained in autism recognition and response. Each year thousands of students in schools throughout NJ receive information about autism through school assemblies. All of this is accomplished through the generosity of those who contribute to POAC fundraising activities.

Making a difference in the lives of children and adults with autism is at the heart of everything we do at POAC. For the thousands of individuals with autism who benefit from our services and programs every year, POAC is making lives better every day.

Director's Message

I often refer to POAC as a family, for that is what we truly are.  And if you are reading this, you are a vital part of our family, of my family.  The Mantra of POAC is “Making Lives Better Every Day.” And we are doing just that because of people like you.  We are changing the lives of thousands of children and thousands of families, and we will do even more together.  Let us continue our journey, achieve greater things, and be the pencils that write the book of a future that we dream of for all of our children. 

My grandmother immigrated to America at the tender age of fifteen.  And although she only went as far in school as the ninth grade, she remains one of the smartest people I have ever known. Her words of wisdom always flowed like a song woven delicately into her soft Irish brogue.  She always said “Gary, if you see a need in the world, God is just showing you what he wants you to do.”  She said there will always be people sitting on the porch talking about getting it done, long after the doers have completed the task. 

Well my grandmother is looking down at POAC with pride in her heart.  With your help, we are off the porch making this world a better place for children and adults with autism.  Through training, education, recreation, support, promotion of legislative issues, research, our life-saving Autism Shield Program and so much more, we are truly making a difference. 

People always ask how are we able to accomplish everything we do.  I simply state: “We do it because it has to be done.” And if you think we are doing a lot now, you haven’t seen anything yet!  Now let us join as one and get to work.

Thank you and God Bless,

Gary Weitzen

POAC Executive Director


Mission Statement


POAC is dedicated to helping children and adults with autism achieve their fullest potential by providing quality training, support and recreation.

POAC provides training for parents and educators; recreational and support services to children and adults with autism and their families; and training for police and first responders which, we are proud to say, has saved the lives of children with autism all over New Jersey.

Additionally, POAC supports ongoing quality research and promotes legislative issues that impact those with autism and their families. POAC is meeting the needs of those with autism in a very real way every day.


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