NJAW Johnson’s Corner Farm Holiday Event

NJAW Johnson’s Corner Farm Holiday Event

This event will take place on a Thursday evening as that is the only day that they will do large group events. This is going to be a prepay event and payment is due November 11th! If we have enough people going, they will book only our group for that day and time. So basically we will be the only group which is why it will be a prepay event. They will need a correct head count so that they can bring in the right amount of help for the period of time we are there. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!!!!! Here are the details for the event.. The event package includes a Light Show Hayride, Admission to their Christmas Wonderland in the Discovery Barnyard and Animal Farm , Smores making at their campfire, and a small cup of hot chocolate for everyone. Santa will be there too!!! The cost for this event is $11 per person.
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