Your member dollars are saving lives and providing free services to the autism community.

"Your support of POAC helps assure that everyone who is involved with a child with autism has access to the training they need to help that child realize his or her fullest potential."

Gary Weitzen, POAC Executive Director



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  • Priority Registration at POAC Annual Surfing Event

Your support of POAC helps assure that everyone who is involved with a child with autism has access to the training they need to help that child realize his or her fullest potential.  Our many training opportunities help participants develop the skills necessary to really make a difference in the lives of the children they love and teach. 

With your help, we have been able to provide free course work at the university level to future teachers of children with autism.  In most cases, this was the only comprehensive information on the disability and teaching techniques these students received.

Your support insures that families of children with autism will have events, like the POAC Pirate and Princess Carnival, to enjoy year after year.  This has become one of the most highly anticipated events in the special needs community.  It provides some families with the only safe and enjoyable outing they get all year.

You are helping our communities become safer for our children.  POAC’s Autism Shield project provides specialized training to law enforcement professionals and emergency services providers in autism awareness and response. Participants receive the information they need to successfully resolve contacts with children and adults with autism.  This training has saved children's lives.

There is still so much about autism that is not known and there is so much information available that many people can feel easily overwhelmed and confused.  POAC’s commitment to “making lives better every day” ensures that the families who are dealing with issues across the spectrum today will have the information and support they need to ease the path for their children and themselves. 


Make a difference.  Join POAC.


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Director's Message

I often refer to POAC as a family, for that is what we truly are.  And if you are reading this, you are a vital part of our family, of my family.  The Mantra of POAC is “Making Lives Better Every Day.” And we are doing just that because of people like you.  We are changing the lives of thousands of children and thousands of families, and we will do even more together.  Let us continue our journey, achieve greater things, and be the pencils that write the book of a future that we dream of for all of our children. 

My grandmother immigrated to America at the tender age of fifteen.  And although she only went as far in school as the ninth grade, she remains one of the smartest people I have ever known. Her words of wisdom always flowed like a song woven delicately into her soft Irish brogue.  She always said “Gary, if you see a need in the world, God is just showing you what he wants you to do.”  She said there will always be people sitting on the porch talking about getting it done, long after the doers have completed the task. 


Well my grandmother is looking down at POAC with pride in her heart.  With your help, we are off the porch making this world a better place for children and adults with autism.  Through training, education, recreation, support, promotion of legislative issues, research, our life-saving Autism Shield Program and so much more, we are truly making a difference. 

People always ask how are we able to accomplish everything we do.  I simply state: “We do it because it has to be done.” And if you think we are doing a lot now, you haven’t seen anything yet!  Now let us join as one and get to work.

Thank you and God Bless,

Gary Weitzen

POAC Executive Director