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POAC Autism Services
Autism Shield Brochure

Building Vital Community Partnerships

Autism Shield Brochure

Transformative Training for a Safer Community

POAC’s Autism Shield training equips law enforcement officers and first responders with tools and knowledge to effectively interact with individuals with autism. With over 70,000 trained, the program provides a pivotal role in officer and citizen safety.

A Comprehensive Approach to Safety

From concrete tips to search and rescue strategies tailored for the autism spectrum, officers are empowered to enhance communication, de-escalate situations, and increase positive field interactions.

Autism Knowledge is Power

New Jersey boasts one of the nation’s highest autism rate. Equip yourself with expertise to navigate complex situations, avoid triggers, and build vital community partnerships.

Led by Expert: Garv Weitzen

As Executive Director of POAC Autism Services and a certified law enforcement instructor, Gary provides comprehensive and impactful training that has been directly credited with saving lives.

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