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POAC Autism Services

First Responders


Pioneers in safety training for police, fire fighters, and EMTs, POAC provides training for first responders throughout New Jersey.

This training saves children’s lives.

  • Practical

    Concrete Strategies

  • Immediate

    Real World Applications

  • Flexible

    Meeting Department Needs

  • Proven

    Field Tested

  • Interactive

    Video & Q&A

Participants will learn



Individuals with autism and how they may present in field encounters.



Potential risks and behavioral triggers to avoid escalation.


Response methods

Including behavioral de-escalation techniques.


Enhance communication skills

With concrete tips and strategies for interacting with individuals with autism.


Address Incident specific interactions

Such as missing child, auto accident, domestic violence, fire/EMS.


Practical resources

Enhancing officer safety and community support.

The safety of children and adults with autism

has been and continues to be a primary concern and top priority at POAC. Pioneers in safety training for police, fire fighters, and EMS, POAC has provided training to first responders from every New Jersey County.


Certified Law Enforcement instructor Gary Weitzen has trained over 75,000 First Responders in Autism Recognition and Response, offering practical solutions and key insights.


Of First Responders Trained by POAC Autism Services

POAC trains thousands of police officers and first responders every year.


Of Family Recreation Events

POAC's recreational events always include siblings.


Of People Who Have Attended POAC Recreation Events

Thousands of families attend our recreational events every year.

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Positive Impact

When we can do something that saves the lives of both members of the community and our members, then we should do everything we can to make sure they get this type of training and education.

NJ PBA President featured in NJ Cops Magazine

With the rising numbers of children with autism in our communities, this training is a necessity for field officers who are more frequently coming in contact with this population. POAC charged no fee for this vital training and I sincerely hope that they will receive the funding they need to bring it to other departments throughout the state.

NJ Police Chief

We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at the NJ EMS Conference. It was very informative and wish it could have been longer…excellent job and keep up the good work you do.

Todd M. Bowen Chief of Department City of Bridgeton Fire Department

I received very positive feedback and all of the attendees found the classes to be very informative and helped provide a better understanding and insight into dealing with persons with autism. I am sure that this valuable instruction will be very helpful in our future contacts with autistic children and adults.

Chief of Police, Highland Park

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