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Below is a list of upcoming workshops. Most workshops have applications for a variety of developmental disabilities and are appropriate for parents, educators, and anyone who interacts with a child/adult on the autism spectrum. Please find the topic you are interested in and click on the Register button.

Date & Time Workshop Title Location Status
Autism Shield for Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, and EMS Morris County CIT inservice
7:00pm - 8:30pm
Autism Internet and Social Media Safety Virtual Session coming soon
7:00pm - 8:30pm
How Do I Tell My Child They Have a Disability? Virtual Session coming soon

Catalog of POAC Workshops Topics

Below is our training catalog. Click on each box for more information about that workshop.  If you would like to schedule training at your location, have your school  or organization call the POAC office at 732-785-1099. 

Fire Safety and Autism

Learn fire safety strategies to keep individuals with autism safer. It includes concrete tips, training and solutions that can be implemented today.

Water Safety and Autism – How to Prevent Drowning

Drowning is 100% preventable. This workshop could save your student's/child's life.

Wandering/Elopement and Autism – Reducing the Risks

This workshop covers the best devices and strategies for keeping your child/student safer.

Autism Internet and Social Media Safety

Learn practical strategies for allowing individuals with autism to more safely navigate the internet and the most popular social media applications.

How to Create a “SMART” IEP

This workshop will go over the components of a SMART IEP and help you to craft a better document for your child and/or student.

Hidden Dangers

Our most popular workshop addressing how to keep individuals with developmental disabilities safe in the home, school, and community.

School Bus Driver and Transportation Aide Training

A great workshop for all school transportation staff.

School Assemblies and Awareness Campaigns

Help students understand autism and how to be a friend to peers with special needs.

Expectations and Strategies for Hospital Staff

This workshop addresses emergency room visits, extended hospital stays and outpatient procedures.

Overview of Guardianship and Future Planning

Learn about future planning for your child with developmental disabilities.

Autism Recognition and Response for School Nurses

School Nurses will get the information and tools to help meet the needs of students with ASD.

Autism Recognition for Preschool Staff

Learn to identify early warning signs and how to share your concerns with parents.

How Do I Tell My Child They Have a Disability?

Learn how to recognize the signs when your child may be ready to have the conversation.

Overview of Autism for Parents of Newly Diagnosed Children

Expectations and strategies for raising a child with autism.


Other Trainings


First Responder Training

POAC provides a multitude of training topics for all school staff. Click here for more information.

Inservice / Professional Development

POAC provides a multitude of training topics for all school staff. Click here for more information.