Get Your School Involved

POAC’s Kids Helping Kids – Autism Awareness Into Action Initiative makes it so easy to run a fundraiser and/or awareness campaign at your school.


POAC makes it so easy for you to raise awareness and help children with autism. We provide everything you need and help you to promote your event. Students will be helping others while earning community service hours and learning about autism.  New Jersey has the largest population of people with autism in the entire country.  In our state the rate is 1 in 35.  That means that the money you raise will help people right in your own school and community.  


Dress Down Days

Get Casual for a Cause

One of the easiest ways that you can help POAC to support the autism community is to hold a Dress Down Day at your school. It's easy and costs nothing to operate. POAC will help you organize your event and provide everything you need to make it a great success. 

Have a Heart for Autism

A Fun and Easy Project to Raise Awareness and Help Children with Autism

This is a great way to celebrate Autism Awareness month. It gives your staff and students an opportunity to show their support and friendship of students with autism while raising funds to provide ongoing free programing.

Coins 4 Kids

This is a great program to run in any schools. It is a month long project and April, being Autism Awareness Month, is a great time to do it.