Autism and Fathers: Coping, Understanding, and Support


When a child gets a diagnosis of autism or any developmental disability, regardless of how the parents react to the news, one thing is for certain - life as they know it is about to change.   Sometimes parents can feel overwhelmed.  The experience for fathers can be very different than it is for mothers. Mothers seem to have many avenues for information and support whereas fathers may not have as many options.   This workshop is designed to help fathers of children of any age, to cope with and understand the diagnosis, participate in the process of education and transition, and to help the family thrive.  It's presented and moderated by the executive director of POAC Autism Services who also happens to be the father of a  young man with autism.


Workshop objectives:

  • Coping with the loss of the "expected child" and finding the joys in living with a child with challenges
  • How to become an active participant in the process of parenting a special needs child and the steps in becoming more involved
  • Understanding and participating in the IEP process
  • Keeping your child and family safe
  • Meeting the challenges of difficult or maladaptive behavior and how this relates to discipline
  • Planning for future challenges such as life after high school
  • Resources, Q and A, Next Steps
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