Talking with your Kids with Autism About Sexuality


This two-hour training session will help parents become more comfortable discussing sexuality with their children, ages 14 to 25, by covering what topics to address, when to address them, and the most effective ways to talk about this sensitive subject. It will also be an opportunity to review the Healthy Relationships and Sexuality Classes for Individuals with Autism curriculum and determine if it’s the right fit for their child and to get consent to participate in the program. This is an 11 week program for children ages 14 to 25 that meets in person twice a week. Payment for this workshop can be put toward an intake fee for your child to participate in the classes. 

Workshop Description:

Talking with your young and grown children about sexuality can be a difficult task. As parents and guardians, we often worry whether talking about it gives permission and whether they can be safe from harm when they are in relationships. This workshop will help you become more comfortable talking about this subject by covering what topics to cover and the most effective ways to talk about these sensitive issues.


1.     Examine barriers to talking about sexuality

2.     Gain knowledge about sexuality and developmental disabilities/autism

3.      Acquire and practice skills in communicating about sexuality with your young and grown children with autism
Current POAC Members receive 25% off workshop fee. Email [email protected] for promo code. 

Parent/Guardian participation in the “Talking with your Kids with Autism About Sexuality” workshop is a requirement for participation in the Healthy Relationships for Individuals with Autism program to learn more about the program to become more comfortable discussing this sensitive topic. Contact POAC for more information and fees.