Sensory Friendly Performance of Jazzy Ash


The Count Basie Theater and POAC are offering free tickets to these sensory friendly performances for POAC families. If you would like for your child with autism to experience the theater, this is your opportunity. With guidance from POAC Autism Services and several area performing arts organizations already presenting programs for children on the spectrum, the Basie will transform itself into a safe, judgement-free and sensory-friendly environment for these performances. Patrons and their children will be permitted to bring in favorite snacks, iPads and other objects of affinity, while house lights will remain bright enough for children to know where they are, and sudden or shrill sounds will be eliminated from the performance. A quiet room with “fidgets” and coloring pages / crayons will also be available to families.

Basie event staffers have also received training and guidance from POAC to ensure its sensory-friendly programs are just that: friendly.

You may order up to 6 tickets and they will be mailed to you. Just click on the registration link below. Please be sure that you are able to attend on Monday, April 23rd at 4:00pm in Red Bank before you order. 

About the Show:

Every day is a Mardi Gras party with Jazzy Ash and the Leaping Lizards, the first and only New Orleans jazz band just for kids. Use your imagination as you are transported aboard the Queen Helene riverboat cruise and discover Jazzy Ash’s home of New Orleans, exploring the playful sounds of early New Orleans jazz, zydeco, be-bop and swing. Jazzy Ash shows are crafted to be approachable for young ears, featuring original songs from Jazzy’s four family albums, and traditional jazz favorites you’ll be humming for weeks to come. Click here for a preview!

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