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POAC’s workshops are conducted by experts and professionals who are leaders in their respective fields. Call POAC for further details and fees. 


POAC Workshops for Inservice/Professional Development

Fire Safety and Autism

Learn fire safety strategies to keep individuals with autism safer. It includes concrete tips, training and solutions that can be implemented today.

Water Safety and Autism – How to Prevent Drowning

Drowning is 100% preventable. This workshop could save your student's/child's life.

Wandering/Elopement and Autism – Reducing the Risks

This workshop covers the best devices and strategies for keeping your child/student safer.

Autism Internet and Social Media Safety

Learn practical strategies for allowing individuals with autism to more safely navigate the internet and the most popular social media applications.

How to Create a “SMART” IEP

This workshop will go over the components of a SMART IEP and help you to craft a better document for your child and/or student.

Hidden Dangers

Our most popular workshop addressing how to keep individuals with developmental disabilities safe in the home, school, and community.

School Bus Driver and Transportation Aide Training

A great workshop for all school transportation staff.

School Assemblies and Awareness Campaigns

Help students understand autism and how to be a friend to peers with special needs.

Expectations and Strategies for Hospital Staff

This workshop addresses emergency room visits, extended hospital stays and outpatient procedures.

Autism Recognition and Response for School Nurses

School Nurses will get the information and tools to help meet the needs of students with ASD.

Autism Recognition for Preschool Staff

Learn to identify early warning signs and how to share your concerns with parents.


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The best class I have ever taken for professional development. A wonderful speaker. There was so much valuable information. I found the videos to be helpful also.
Great job! All the information was very valuable! It was very nice and impressive to have educators/parents to relate and communicate with us about this important information!
Bobbie is one of my favorite BCBA presenters. I always learn so much from her. I am excited to implement the teaching procedures she taught. Thank you Bobbie!
I have worked with high school aged students and loved working with autistic children. I found your program very useful and informative for all those who haven't worked with this group before. You did a great job.
I love the personal relatable moments. Also it was real information and not just vague unrelatable to the classroom facts. Great age by age examples.
Important topic (Sexuality and Hygiene) to be discussed. Great insight and practical strategies to try when these topics come up with clients.
This presentation was very informative. All information was accurate and well-explained.
Thank you for your presentation on Sexuality & Hygiene for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities. The feedback was extremely positive and everyone asked for a follow-up workshop. The material you presented was very valuable. It was well-organized and reflected your expertise in this area.

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