Fire Safety

Fire experts advise that you have less than 2 minutes to get out of a house fire. That’s two minutes to get yourself and your loves ones to safety. That’s not a lot of time and when you add autism to the equation, there may be additional challenges. Review this section for concrete tips and strategies to help keep your family safe. In addition, POAC has a training program specifically designed for fire departments and first responders.
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Introduction to Fire Safety

Gary Weitzen – Executive Director of POAC

Fire Safety Equipment for the Home

The American Red Cross shows how to equip your home with smoke alarms and other tools that can help you gain precious seconds in a fire.

Emergency Preparedness Lessons

The American Red Cross provides curricula, videos, and other resources to teach students about emergency preparedness and fire safety.

Home Fire Escape Plan

The American Red Cross provides tips for creating your home fire escape plan.

Sparky’s Fire Safety Club

A great site for kids to explore fire safety with videos, games, activities, and more.

Sparky School House

A great resource for educators to teach fire safety from preschool to grade 5.

Autism 911 Alert Form

This form can be used to flag homes in the 911 database to provide detailed information on individuals with autism.


Sensory Kit Video

Learn more about the items in this field-tested kit and how they are used to de-escalate situations in the field.

POAC Sensory Kits for First Responders

A great tool for interactions and field contacts with individuals with autism.


Fireman Sam US Official: Smoke Alarms and Fire Safety Tips

This video from the Fireman Sam Youtube channel helps children understand the importance of smoke alarms including where they should be placed and how to take care of them.


Get Down Low and Go, Go, Go!

Greg Page, the original yellow Wiggle, and his new friends at Butterscotch’s Playground teach you about fire safety. What do you do when you see smoke? You get down low and go, go, go!

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