Police & First Responder Training

POAC’s Autism Shield training has been directly credited with saving the lives of individuals with autism. The training, combined with the resources on this page, can make a lasting impact on field contacts for you and your department.

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Introduction to Police & First Responder Training

Gary Weitzen – Executive Director of POAC

GPS Locator/Product Guide

Some of the best available products to address wandering/elopement.

ID Information Guide

Potential life savers for families whose loved ones may go missing or find themselves in danger.


Crisis Intervention Team Programs – A Best Practice Guide 2019

CIT programs are collaborative efforts uniting law enforcement, mental health professionals, and advocates to enhance responses to mental health crises.


Autism 911 Alert Form

This form can be used to flag homes in the 911 database to provide detailed information on individuals with autism.

A Guide for First Responders from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC)

The NCMEC provides recommendations on how to best support children on the autism spectrum.


Sensory Kit Video

Learn more about the items in this field-tested kit and how they are used to de-escalate situations in the field.

POAC Sensory Kits for First Responders

A great tool for interactions and field contacts with individuals with autism.


Police Autism Patch Challenge

Support Autism Awareness one department at a time.

Investigative Checklist for First Responders

This checklist is meant to provide a framework of actions, considerations, and activities that may assist in performing competent, productive, and thorough missing/abducted-children investigations.

Investigative Checklist for Law Enforcement When Responding to Missing Children with Special Needs

This Checklist is meant to enhance the framework of actions, considerations, and activities that can assist law enforcement in safely recovering missing children with special needs.

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