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Increasing Internet Safety is a Team Effort

Increasing internet safety for children with autism requires teamwork, focusing on open communication, monitoring, and setting reasonable rules to protect against online dangers.

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Eliminating Drowning in Our Lifetime – The Leading Cause of Death for Children with Autism

Drowning, the leading cause of death for children with autism under 14, is preventable. This article emphasizes the importance of water safety, including supervision and barriers, to protect children with autism.

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Fire Safety For Autism – 6 Things You Need to Know and Do

Learn six essential fire safety tips tailored for individuals with autism, focusing on preparation, escape plans, and ensuring effective communication to increase safety and survival chances during fires.

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High vs. Low Functioning Autism

Rethinking “high” and “low” functioning labels in autism, this article advocates for focusing on individual needs and support, emphasizing the unique abilities and challenges of each person.

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Seven Tips for Improving Your Child’s Autism School Bus Experience

Discover key tips for improving your child’s autism school bus experience, including effective communication and customized strategies for a smoother ride.

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Somebody Up There Likes Me

From speaking just three words to vibrant communication, this story celebrates the remarkable progress and unexpected joys in the autism journey.

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8 Signs Your IEP Isn’t Good Enough

Identify if your child’s IEP lacks individualization, has poorly written goals, or insufficient mastery criteria. Learn to recognize signs that may indicate the IEP isn’t effectively supporting your child’s learning needs. This article provides insights into ensuring your child’s IEP is comprehensive and tailored to their specific educational requirements.

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An Accurate Assessment Is the Foundation of Your Child’s Future

Understanding your child’s strengths and needs through accurate assessment is crucial for effective educational planning. It’s the cornerstone for setting appropriate goals and interventions in an IEP, ensuring tailored support and progress.

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How To Write The Best IEP For Your Child

Learn how to craft SMART IEPs that are specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, and time-bound, ensuring tailored, effective support for your child’s educational journey. This guide demystifies the process, helping you set clear goals.

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Autism With a Side of Laughter

Ok- day two of the new year and already a funny autism story with my son Christopher

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Reduce the Risk of Wandering

Explore essential ASD holiday safety tips to prevent wandering, including using door alarms and GPS tracking, ensuring a safe and joyful season. Enhance safety with practical strategies and embrace technology for peace of mind during festivities.

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What Makes a Good Volunteer?

Volunteers are at the heart of all the great work that charities provide every year. Find out if you have the 4 qualities needed to be a great volunteer.

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Keeping Kids with ASD Safe from Victimization

The sexual abuse rate of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder by predators is between 40-70%. We must give the individuals with ASD themselves the knowledge, skills, and power to recognize and avoid danger and keep themselves safe.

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Thank You Autism for These Gifts

My world changed forever with the birth of my beautiful son Christopher. It changed again three years later when he received the diagnosis of autism. Looking back over the past 20 plus years of being a father- I just have three words: “Thank You Autism.”

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