There is so much useful information here to help support parents, teachers, law enforcement providers, and people with autism. Whether you are looking for support, information, access to forms and documents you have seen at POAC trainings, or access to other web sites, you will find it here. If you are the parent of a child with autism, be sure to check out the NJ Autism Warriors link. It's a great place for parents to communicate with each other, share challenges and triumphs, and ask practical questions. There are a lot of great articles and documents here as well, many of which you have seen or heard about at POAC training sessions. There are some really great tools here and we hope they will help you teach and reach your child or student with autism. 


The Difference Blog

This blog explores the many aspects of autism including challenges, strengths, learning styles, skills development, and so much more. We strive to present information that is informative, intriguing, and ultimately helpful to those with autism, their families, educators and other community services providers. We hope you will visit often. 

NJ Autism Warriors

POAC's Online Support and Events Group

Join thousands of New Jersey parents in this on line forum. Get information and support and participate in some great community events.

Safety Resources


You will find great information, articles, and forms to help keep children and adults with autism safe in the home, school, and community. 

Links to Resources and Agency Members

Use these links to access additional resources and web sites.