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POAC Autism Services

POAC Sensory Kits for First Responders

POAC’s Sensory Kit for First Responders is a great tool for your interactions and field contacts with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The kit includes several items that are designed to help calm individuals with ASD experiencing crisis or difficult situations by giving them “sensory input” necessary to help them cope and regulate. POAC sells the complete kit for $65 each plus shipping. All items are BPA- free and can be washed with warm soapy water. Adult supervision is required. All POAC Sensory Kits are assembled by adults with ASD and include the following items.

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Gary Weitzen

POAC Executive Director

Gary Weitzen, the Executive Director of POAC Autism Services, also holds a certified law enforcement instructor title in New Jersey and has 20 years of experience in risk management. Besides managing POAC, he’s spent 15 years teaching life skills to adults with autism. A notable autism advocate, Gary has been featured in major media networks and has a son with autism, Christopher.