Assessment Tools to Address Education and Skill Development


Whether it is your child’s first IEP or their last, you need an
accurate assessment to develop IEP goals. Assessments for individuals
with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have just not been available for
all that long. It is often challenging to use traditional standardized
assessments when applying them to children with ASD. Sometimes these
standardized assessments go unfinished due to behavior challenges, or
your child just was not able to perform their best under the
conditions of being with a new evaluator or environment. What you need
is an assessment that tells you what your child can do now. You want
to know what the gaps are in their learning, what they need to know to
be age-appropriate, and what we need to work on to get them there.
This workshop will look at several assessment tools and discuss the
pros and cons of each so that parents and educators can make the best
decision about what to use for their children/students.

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