Autism Recognition for Preschool Staff Part 2



This two hour training is for early childhood educators, preschools, learning centers and daycare facilities staff who wish to meet the needs of children with ASD in their programs. This workshop will address the needs of preschoolers who are at risk of having developmental disabilities, or those who have been so diagnosed, and how those needs can be met in the preschool or daycare setting. Specifically, the following will be addressed:


  • How to introduce and increase functional language skills
  • Introduction of the concept of reinforcement and how it applies to learning and behavior
  • An overview of problem behavior and the functions which maintain it

More and more parents and school districts are seeking out opportunities to expose their children and students to typically developing peers in less restrictive environments. As such, many are looking to preschools in the community. This workshop is intended to help increase the pool of preschool and daycare providers that can help meet these needs.

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