For School Administrators: Observing an ABA Program


This is a two hour session. 

The science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Verbal Behavior (VB) has yielded a great deal in the area of education for those with developmental disabilities, most specifically, for students with autism.  There have been many developments over the years, but certain evidence-based, data driven techniques remain at the core of best practices. This workshop will help building principals and other school administrators identify appropriate teaching practices in their autism programs.  Specific objectives include:


  • Brief Review of ABA with Traditional ABA vs ABA/VB Program Differences
  • Basics—Classic Cubby Session
  • Documentation—Data Collection and Graphing
  • Interpretation of data as a means of program planning 
  • Moving Away form the Cubby—Circle, Natural Environment Teaching, Specials
  • Social Skills
  • Inclusion Readiness and Criteria 


Even the most experienced administrators benefit from this session.