Social Skills for Children with ASD – Empowering Parents to Take an Active Role

This one-hour workshop will provide an overview of the challenges and the learning techniques and strategies used to address social skills for children with ASD. After the presentation, parents may stay for the caregiver support group.  Dinner will be provided.
About the WorkshopUtilizing appropriate social skills to navigate the world and establish relationships, remains a huge core deficit to children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Children, throughout the spectrum, struggle in this vital area and need to be taught skill by skill to meet their individual understanding and needs. Some of those skills vary from and are not limited to:
  • Greetings
  • Eye contact
  • Body orientation
  • Voice modulation
  • Conversing
  • Requesting
  • Commenting
  • What to say to who
  • Categories people
  • Who I touch
  • How I sit
  • How to play a game
  • Win or lose
  • Flexible thinking
This workshop is based off the brilliant work of practitioners Michelle Garcia Winner and Cathy Grayson. Their techniques were created and are geared towards assisting children diagnosed with ASD. The workshop will specifically address the following:
  •  Recognizing social deficits
  • Identifying appropriate and inappropriate social skills
  • Learning techniques and implementing strategies to acquire appropriate social skills About the presenter:Estee Rothstein BCBA is the clinical director of an ABA agency, Golden Care Therapy. Her experience includes mentoring, presenting, parent training, and teaching social thinking/skills. Golden Care Therapy is a therapeutic intervention agency that specializes in ABA Therapy, providing home based services for clients throughout the tri-state area. Golden Care aims to provide support and guidance to parents of children diagnosed with ASD.  It remains Golden Care priority to help each child achieve their goal and reach their greatest potential.
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