Using the ABLLS or VB Mapp in Your Autism Program


This can be a two hour or half day session. The ABLLS, Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills, and the VB MAPP are two of the best assessment tools for practical application.  Effective programming for students with autism requires a concrete tool to assess critical skills and establish baselines.  Both of these tools are based on B.F. Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior and identify language skills and other functional skills that other tests do not assess.  They clearly identify skill deficits and display levels of performance making excellent IEP development guides.  The following will be addressed:

  • Conducting the assessment
  • Scoring and interpreting completed assessments
  • Making program decisions

This workshop is appropriate for teachers who are new to this tool or new to a program that is using it, and for parents who would like to do more to support their children’s education.  Please note that this presentation will focus on one or the other tool.